Scuba vs SCBGB

Photo by Jimmy Mould

Paul Rose is one of the most influential figures in the world of dubstep. As label head of Hotflush Recordings, he's helped release work from Benga, Shackleton and, of course, Joy Orbison. Events-wise, he's one of the masterminds behind Sub:stance, a night that has brought the likes of Mala, D-Bridge, Scion and Kode9 to Berlin's Berghain. And, under the Scuba name, he's produced two full-lengths of remarkably diverse work that reflect his wide-ranging taste and machine mastery. But his recently birthed SCB moniker has reflected another huge interest of Rose's, that of the four-four variety. Described recently as "Balearic techno with a rainy soul" by RA's Max Bacharach, Rose's SCB project has the same focus on emotional body music.

Aug 14

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